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In 1975 John Main, an Irish Benedictine monk (1926-1982), started the first Christian Meditation Centre in London.The first of the family of weekly meditation groups around the world began to meet then.By reason of the Incarnation, Christians invariably become attuned to the importance of place and the effectiveness of the right symbol.

Medio Media, the publishing company of the Community run from Singapore, produces books, CD’s and DVD’s.The community is a global and inclusive contemplative family.The roots of the World Community lie in the desert tradition of early Christianity dating back to the 4th century.On its 20th anniversary, the Community opened its Meditatio program, revised its governance structure and undertook a development of its outreach in crucial areas of social concern, technology, leadership, healthcare, education and the training of young meditators for the next generation of leadership.The Meditatio Centre in London coordinates a diverse programme of seminars and workshops.

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